Onomasticon Arabicum (OA) is a long-living database project. At present, its online-version informs on more than 12000 scholars and celebrities from the first Muslim millenary. Its entries in Arabic are compiled from ancient biographical dictionaries, a veritable treasure of Islamic culture. Crossed search allows separate interrogation on any of the different elements of the Arabo-Muslim names, dates and places, reconstructing the identity of a person, trace ways of knowledge transmission and frame historical contexts.
A 7th/13th-century Onomasticon:
ms Damas Ta’rīḫ 267, Ibn al-Fuwāṭī, Talḫīṣ
Sources of the OA-online:
  • Ibn al-ʿImād (d.1089/1678-9), Šaḏarāt al-ḏahab (SD)
8757 biographies
Shiites of Iran
  • al-Nağāšī (d.450/1058), Riğāl (RN)
1238 biographies
  • Ibn Šahrāšūb (d. 588/1192), Maʿālim al-ʿulamā’ (MU)
974 biographies
  • al-Ṭūsī (d.459-60/1066-7), Fihrist (FT)
890 biographies
Scientists in al-Andalus
  • Ṣāʿid al-Andalusī (d.462/1070) Ṭabaqāt al-umam (UN)
157 biographies
  • Ibn Ğulğul (d. 384/994), Ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbā’ (IG)
53 biographies
  • Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿa (d.668/1270), ʿUyūn al-anbā’ (IU)
235 biographies
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